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One day three (brave) women, ex-classmates, were sharing the impressions from the book
“The foundation of Globalization” by A.Abdullin (good start). A good talk happened
over the 1968 Roman Club’s conclusions on the aims for the global community, and in
particular, over the aim to preserve such different and so unique in each case, cultures.
We started to think what we can do?!...
To cut the whole thinking chain short – we have decided that audio book – is the best way
to preserve the foundation of any culture – the language.  
As a result - A.E.L. Company is:

  • Wide selection of contemporary books in audio format
  • High quality of the sound
  • Compliance with the authors’ rights
  • International business standards and operation
  • Prompt delivery system
  • Distribution to any part of the world
  • Reasonable prices
  • Attractive eco-packaging
    …and lots of pleasure for all involved – authors, actors, play conductors,
    sound specialists, editors, the annotation writers, lawyers, accountants,
    administrators, secretaries…, many others, and everyone who listens the book.

We have involved not only the specialists from the literature’s world, but
philosophers, scientists, psychologists as well. 

We started to produce our audio books with:

  • Great respect to the unique inner self of every ONE
  • Treasuring global and national cultural achievements
  • Great Love to what we do

We do not use plastic or any hazardous materials to package. Our eco-package allows
high quality full color printing, and the designer of the covers Sashko Shevtsov used
this advantage. Each cover – is a piece of art itself.

Welcome to our GreatPleasure Club!

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