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December 14, 2006


Presentation and greeting to honorable guests and well known writers took place at
cocktail-style party and brought a lot of attention in society.

The event welcomed writers Yurko Pokalchuk, Taras Prohasko, Yuri Vinnichuk, Stepan Pushik,
Iren Pozdobudko, Larisa Denisenko, Lyubko Deresh and other well known authors.
Yuri Andrukhovych greeted participants of the event from Switzerland by phone.
Among invited there were number of  well known cultural and political leaders and
top executives of national and foreign companies.

Audio book – is a new way of the development of the literature and art in modern world
with its own rhythm, style and values. It’s what gives the possibility to improve the
quality of time, to fulfill spiritual desires, provide quality time for anyone from
our children and parents to our friends and ourselves. Moreover, audio books provide
the possibility for learning and improving of the spoken Ukrainian language.

Privately owned 100% Ukrainian company A.E.L. was found at the beginning of 2006.
It is the first company that specializes in serial production of audio books that
features bestsellers of the modern Ukrainian literature on Ukrainian and international
market. Company involves authors with good speaking skills as well as famous Ukrainian
actors such as - Larisa Horoletz ( she was our first Minister of Culture of Independent
Ukraine), Sergiy Boyko, Tamara Plashenko, Roman Semisal and others into production of
the audio books.

The objective of the company is to provide easy and pleasant way to gain knowledge
of modern Ukrainian and foreign literature with wide variety of style and theme –
drama, novels, fiction and specialized literature.
All company’s audio books produced in MP3 format.

A.E.L created 12 disks that will be available in Ukraine and abroad. Top twelve included
work of  7 modern authors that were chosen by readers and tested by time and
9 full cast radio plays from the Golden Fund of Ukrainian radio. Company started campaign
that aims to bring people’s attention to the roots of national culture and art. It is an
attempt to communicate to readers of the XXI century in a different way.

The first two series: “Modern prose” and “Theater in front of microphone” will see the
market.  Series of “Modern prose” come with 10 audio discs which represent best sellers
of modern Ukrainian literature. Some of the work and authors were honored by most
prestigious cultural awards. Authors are well known not only in Ukraine, but
internationally. Stepan Pushik’s novel “Strazh Gora” (“Guardian Mountain”) that was
published in 1990, is awarded by Shevchenkivska Premia in 2006. Yuriy Andruchovych for
his novel “Twelve Rings” was awarded by Leipzig’s and Vrotslav’s Premias in 2006.
Iren Pozdobudyko and Larysa Denysenko were honored with First Prize of Ukrainian contest
of novel in 2002 and the prize of Nestor Lytopyset’s contest “Harmony of the Word”, 2006.
Ljubko Deresh with his novel “Namir!” and Larysa Denisenko with novel “Dances in masks” 
are the finalists of the contest for best manuscript of the year 2006, organized by radio
BBC Ukraine.

By production of “Theater in front of microphone” A.E.L. started new waive of restoration
of this beautiful type of art in a new audio format.

Word - is what can change frame of mind, give hope, transform life and history…
Therefore, care for Word is our most important mission!

In the nearest future new audio series
“Foreign literature in Ukrainian translation”,
“Fairytales of life”, “Educational literature” (history, psychology, philosophy), 
Holidays series (bends of short stories, scenarios)
will see the world.

Groundwork and production of high quality audio records in MP3 format is accomplished
by the use of latest technologies and by involving best actors, professionals with
different literature background, critics, scientists, philosophers, and psychologists.

Very special eco packaging was developed. It allows high quality full-color printing
on a standard for CD packages size 150x130 mm. Audio series are distributed and
available for sale nation-wide in Ukraine. A.E.L. insures authors’ copyrights.

Spoken word – that is how literature started and developed.


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