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A.E.L. Company offers MP3 format audio books in Ukrainian.

Yuri Andrukhovych

Yuri Andrukhovych Ukrainian prose writer, poet, essayist, and translator.
To date, Andrukhovych has published four novels,  three of which we now offer
in audio format, four poetry collections, a cycle of short stories, and two
volumes of essays, as well as literary translations from English, German, Polish,
and Russian.

«Recreations», a novel  
Author reading
duration 4 hours 19 min

«The Moscoviad»,  a novel
Author reading
duration 7 hours 25 min

«Twelve Rings», a novel
Author reading
duration 10 hours 42 min

Yuri Pocalchuck

Yuri Pocalchuck is a Ukrainian prose writer, poet, essayist, and translator.
To date, Pocalchuck has published numerous short stories, novels, poetry collections,
essays, as well as literary translations of Hemingway, Selindzher, Borhes, Kortasar,
Amadu, Kipling, Rembo. Lecturing in Great Britain, USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil,
Portugal, Spain, Poland, Russia.

«Rythm», «Odissey - Ikar’s father”», novels
Author reading
«Me, You, Him, Her…», «Beautiful is the time»,
Sergiy Boyko reading
duration 11 hours 57 min

Yuri Vynnychuk

Yuri Vynnychuk is a writer who has written on a remarkably wide range of themes
including fantasy, eroticism, social politics and myth-making. A common thread
uniting these various avenues of Mr. Vynnychuk's literary output is the author's
propensity to debase any form of authority, that he considers to be unmerited and
abusive. The writer attacks all things erroneous with sharp wit, grotesque
embellishment and biting satire …

«Malva Landa», a novel
Roman Semisal reading
duration 16 hours 26 min.

Stepan Pushyck

Ukrainian writer, folklorist, author of 7 volumes of novels, dramas, essays, 130 songs.
First Independent Ukraine’s Parliament Deputy, Universities Lecturer.  We offer wonderful story of a women that lived in the same village whole life, but the stories she tells worth the whole world.

«Strazh-Hora», a novel
Author reading
duration 10 hours 31 min.

Taras Prohasko

Taras Prohasko writes in a very specific style - short sentences that are very direct
and precise, with almost no emotions, and lots of philosophy, you can think for an hour
over one and it does raises storm of thoughts and emotions.
“…It’s completely different than anything else that is being written in Ukraine…”
from the Andrei Kurkov’s interview at

«NeprOsti», a novel
Tamara Plashenko reading
duration 10 hours 31 min.

Larysa Denysenko

Attorney at Law. Specialist on international public law. Fashion Model in the past.
Author of the modern novel «Dolls Made of Flesh and Blood», psychological drama
«The Coffee Flavor of Cinnamon», satirical novel about civil servants’ activities
«Corporation of idiots», the novel which was stolen from Ukrainian bookstores in 2006
more often then others, adventurous novel «Danses in masks» and psychological
drama «24:33:42».
Larysa’s sharp style, bright sparkling humor makes her readers “an edicts”.
Now she is author and presenter of the “Document +” program at Ukraine’s 1+1
and 1+1 International TV-channels.

«Dances in masks», a novel
Larysa Horoletz reading
duration 6 hours 44 min.

Ljubko Deresch

Ukrainian author Ljubko Deresch was born in 1984.
He wrote «The Cult» when he was only sixteen, but it's a surprisingly mature work,
Deresch avoiding many of the pitfalls of the precocious authors of our
His newest novel «Intention!»  («Namir!», 2006) is an honest story of a giftfull kid,
who one day has to feel an adult.

«Namir!», a novel
Author reading
duration 9 hours 02 min.

Iren Rozdobudko

Iren- professional journalist, Chief Editor of popular amongst intellectuals Ukraine’s magazine. Novels writer, poet, artist. Her detective stories, psychological drama’s, thriller stories, novels, kid’s fairy tails making her audience wide and spread. The novel, offered in audio format will come out shortly as a movie in Russia. It is a wonderful story, that raises all spectrum of emotions.

«Dead-head flowers must be thrown away», a novel
Larysa Horoletz reading
duration 5 hours 03 min.


9 radio plays by Lesya Ukrainka are restored and presented on 2 disks.
Wonderful  dramas has been recorded in 20th century - the oldest play is from 1951.
Beautiful music, remarkable actors, famous producers - all these makes an unforgettable

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