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Thanks to those who gives us a constructive feedback - we have an inspiration to go on!
We currently work on mastering the audiotrec, recorded by Sergii Zhadan his
“Hymn of democratic youth” ("ó "); elegant and sharp “Corporation of Idiots”(" ") by
Larisa Denisenko; romantic, intriguing and psychologically deep “Morning Chambermaid” (" ")
and “The Six’s Door” (" ") by Iren Rozdobudko; Stepan Pushic is recording his
“Feather of a Gold Bird” ("  ") and we are looking forward for the wisdom of his heroes;
we also working towards receiving rights for several well known novels by foreign authors.
The work on Ukrainian Radio's full cast radio plays is on hold now for several month
due to the restructuring of this organization and we can not buy the license.  
Great pity, many people are looking forward for the new disks with radio plays and asking us “When?”.

We also now produce a disk with a customized fairy tail, ordered personally by our individual Customer.

We are looking forward for your comments and suggestions!

Please write to us, call us, we always happy to hear from you!

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